tribute to Anthony Gonzales (born on Caribbean island of Trinidad, drawing in New York)

"the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"

tribute to Takenokoya (japanese draftsman)

"do more of what makes you happy"

tribute to Pan Hanks

"Don't make love : FUCK HARD"

tribute to Arai Hime

"you win"

tribute to Yanagoya (or Aaorin - Canadian draftsman)

"La beauté est un troisième sexe" (Roland Barthes) "Beauty is a third sex"

tribute to Jotto

"if it hurts, do it harder"

tribute to HoorayForSeymour

"when life gives you lemonade, add Vodka"

tribute to Hass

"there is a wild thing inside all of us"

tribute to Rex (San Francisco artist)

"I do very bad things, and I do them very well"

tribute to John Persons

"keep calm and be a bitch"

tribute to Hungrid-3D art

"boys make good pet"

tribute to Michael Kirwan (draftsman born 1953 New York)

"sleep, wank, drink"

tribute to Heredia

"it's easy to forget that we are animals"

tribute to Philip Swarbrick (painter born 1956 South Africa)

"I'm one of the nicest asshole you could ever meet"

tribute to Anthony-art (Swiss 3D artist)

"hapiness is not good enough for me… I demand euphoria"

tribute to Gaston Goor (french painter 1902-1977)

"follow no instructions"